Our story began on a small scale.

In 1988 the founder Hans-Georg joined forces with 2 employees to close the information gap of railway passengers. At that time passengers could only be informed hesitantly and situationally. Technoteam was founded with the intention of implementing new technologies and modern approaches.

Hans-Georg, Uwe and Wolfgang got to know each other through their common hobby, model making, and worked together as students.
The trio took their first steps in Hans Georg’s cellar before moving into their first shop in Rheinhausen. Technoteam then moved its home to the Neukirchen location 17 years ago.

The starting point in 1988 was the development of the first LED interior displays with flicker-free ticker. The innovative use of micro-controllers with modifiable software made it possible to change the software without replacing the hardware. The result was a more cost-efficient and flexible technical implementation. Many more success stories were to follow.

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