Our autonomous and modular vehicle computers with connection to the control centre.

The vehicle computer TEVIS-Blackbox is a modular system that can be expanded according to customer requirements. No operations or inputs are necessary in the vehicle. All parameters are sent from the TEVIS control center to the black box.

The TEVIS system is multi-client capable and the operating software can be updated via GSM (Over-the-Air). All data is stored in a database (optionally in our TECHNO|CLOUD) and the data exchange with external companies (connection protection, actual data) is done via VDV453/454.

The system can be used to retrofit the following functions in vehicles, regardless of the existing vehicle equipment:

Functional overview

  • Control of dynamic passenger indicators (DFI) with “actual data”
  • Passenger counting with “online transmission” of results or autonomous collection of data for downstream evaluation systems (with suitable counting system)
  • Driving and standing time recording for driving and standing time analysis (preparation and success control of acceleration measures)
  • Transmission of freeze frames from a video system to the TEVIS control center
  • Transmission of location/direction of travel/speed and door criteria to the TEVIS control center
  • Voice radio function via the GSM network
  • Transmission of messages/connection instructions to the vehicle
  • Direct transmission of the IBIS car bus telegrams to the TEVIS control center
  • Reading of potential-free inputs and transmission to the TEVIS control center
  • Output via relay contacts triggered by the control station

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