The SBBT module from TechnoTeam improves the quality of life of visually and reading impaired people in everyday situations.

When a train, bus or tram arrives at a stop, the waiting passenger has the opportunity to check all relevant travel information from it´s actual location regarding the vehicle positioned nearest by using a smartphone (by input or voice command).

The smartphone transmits a signal to the SBBT module which outputs the passenger information (line and final destination) via external loudspeakers. This intelligent system saves the passenger from unpleasant situations and provides more safety in everyday life.

The system consists of 2 components

SBBT module (on-board)

  • One or more BT modules per vehicle side are installed in the positions that are favourable for radio technology (e.g. display box on the side of the vehicle).
  • The module is connected to the vehicle information bus (e.g. IBIS) to read the line/destination information. The module is also connected to the “blind receiver input” (required according to TSI guideline as preparation) of the on-board computer.
  • When the module receives a telegram via Bluetooth from the passenger’s mobile phone, contact is only made for the current trip (line/finish) set by the driver and the set line and destination are announced via the outside loudspeakers. 

SBBT SDK (optional: TechnoTeam App)

  • The company TechnoTeam provides an SDK, which allows the transport company to integrate the function into its own app. Optionally, TechnoTeam has developed its own mobile app.
  • Additional unused entrances and exits can be used to activate further functions as required simply by a software update in the SDK. No hardware adjustment in the vehicle is necessary.

For an enhanced travel experience

Without changes to the vehicle.

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