Case Studies

All projects start with a detailed needs and feasibility analysis. On this basis, the conception and realization of the projects are carried out in close coordination with the customer.


The maintenance work for vehicles (trains, trams, busses) is getting more complex as on the one hand there are longer life-cycles of all component and on the other there are more modern vehicles (e-mobility) coming. Components of various manufacturers operate together to provide best-possible passenger experience. Any restriction impacts this and should be avoided. Most diagnostic tools do not allow an holistic analysis but focus on single components only. Risk is that restrictions in vehicles have to be accepted or even worse that the vehicles must go out of operation for a certain period of time.


In order to optimize the vehicle diagnostics, the impact to passengers and having a better planning of maintenance activities or enable smart repair options, we’re collecting all kind of existing raw data (diagnostic data of the board PC and all the single components) centrally within the Analytics Cloud. Enriched with external data like events and weather we’re able to correlate all the information and provide automatically significant business insights and recommended actions.


The usage of the Analytics Cloud provides significant advantages in passenger satisfaction and improves maintenance processes through specified analysis with your data:

  • More efficient planning of the maintenance work for both smart repair and within the vehicle garage
  • Better seat utilization through optimized fleet-disposition
  • Standardized and holistic dashboard to analyze amongst others:
    • Component manufacturer / vehicle-type / error-type
    • Cost transparency
    • Impact of components different manufacturers towards the battery state in e-mobility
  • Recommendation for the most cost-efficient setup between component vs. vehicle including manufacturer recommendation (based on error-history)


Passengers with visual impairment or walking disability require a barrier free access to the public transport. While passengers with walking disability press a signal at the entrance of the vehicle to get support by the driver through a ramp, passengers with visual impairment are waiting at the platform and don’t know which is the right vehicle in case there is more than one. The quality of the platforms and the access to those is not tuned for disabled persons consistently. With the currently available information it is not possible to analyze what are the most frequent used platforms for visual impaired or walking disabled passengers.


To improve the passenger experience, we’ve developed an SBBT (Sehbehinderten Bluetooth Modul) module, that will be placed within the vehicle and connects to the bord PC to send the required information to the analytics cloud. Additionally, the module connects to the public transport companies App, to allow the disabled passenger activating the module accordingly. The passenger with visual impairment will get a voice via the outside speakers about line and destination, while the walking disabled passenger can inform the driver upfront about the required ramp.

Another future approach for the App of the public transport company is to allow disabled persons to activate the “stop”-wish directly within the App. This is another interaction tracked within the Analytics Cloud. Within the Analytics Cloud the information (geo-location, time, etc) is analyzed, statistics created and tangible recommendations for the public transport companies provided.


The usage of the SBBT-Module in combination with the Analytics Cloud provides significant advantages in passenger satisfaction and in your brand image, through targeted measures and recommendations out of Analytics Cloud:


  • Statistics on the usage of the public transports from disabled passengers
  • Less delays through optimized schedules under consideration of higher frequency journeys with disabled passengers
  • Selective measures and recommendations for platform modernization (e.g. better accessibility, more modern speakers)
  • Bigger independence in public transport for visual impaired and walking disabled passengers
  • Brand image improvements through innovative measures



was to equip 800 rail vehicles with passenger information systems (FIS).

The scope of the tender included the supply of technical components and the corresponding software for 800 vehicles. After determining the need for adaptation, the creation of prototypes and initial tests, certification followed in a DAkks-certified laboratory.

After passing the tests, the prototype was further tested under real conditions. Afterwards, series production and delivery started in planned waves.
The customer has been supported by us in partnership for 30 years, both on hardware and software level.


was the integration of ticket printers and ticket validators into our passenger information system as MMI including check-in/check-out and transfer of the blacklist.

In addition to the integration of our passenger information system in the basic configuration, comprehensive software adaptations had to be planned, tested and implemented.

After the successful prototyping, all required certifications were carried out in a certified test laboratory, we accompanied the TAB acceptance and finally handed over the necessary documentation to the customer.


was the equipment of 450 rail vehicles with our TETRA digital radio system and passenger information system including touch control panel.


was the equipping of 800 rail vehicles with our TETRAPOL digital radio system and the passenger information system, including the touch control panel.

We manufactured and installed custom-fit hardware, programmed the MMI and implemented the connection to the radio application server.

After the successful prototyping, all prescribed certifications were carried out in a certified test laboratory and we accompanied the TAB acceptance and finally handed over the necessary documentation to the customer.

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