In the further development of our Passenger Guidance System (FLS), we have looked to the future and are adding e-paper displays and LC displays of the IP56 and IP65 class to our stop computer in order to ensure a continuous and consistent chain of information for the passenger.

With the FLS displays for indoor and outdoor use, the passenger can be informed about changes to the timetable (e.g. track changes) at the entrance to the station and at any desired track, thus saving unnecessary journeys where he might even miss his bus/train.

The installation locations can be chosen flexibly; currently a showcase and a kiosk pedestal are available in the display sizes 55″ and 75″. Due to concrete inquiries we are currently in discussion with our suppliers about an 85″ display.

The displays are equipped with an integrated computer unit and WLAN or GSM. This enables a flexible distribution of content via our open interface.