Ready for tomorrow’s mobility with the cloud.

Our innovative cloud service helps you make the best decisions for your business and fleet in the future.

Our cloud service AAIR (Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics) accumulates all available data and information from our passenger information system FOCUS as well as all provided data from other relevant areas (e.g. operator, control center) and offers extensive analysis options.

  • Analysis of historical and real-time (diagnostic) data
  • Tailor-made evaluations for even better decisions for your business
  • Sound decisions based on evaluated data

This allows you to collect real-time data from the operation, process it internally and make solid decisions based on it in the shortest possible time.


We take care of the contextualization of your data.


Phase Analytics provides the analysis of historical and real-time data from various sources. Sources include trams, buses and trains and any components built into them. Furthermore, this data is enriched and refined with additional information such as maintenance histories, repairs or other externally available information.


The artificial intelligence is “fed” with the results from the analytics phase in order to make predictions about future events on this basis. AAIR uses the AI to make recommendations using the database. A recommendation is made when the AI is at least 75% certain that this recommendation will fit.


The Robotics phase covers the function of automated processing of the recommendations of Artificial Intelligence. Where recommendations greater than 75% have been made, robotics will be used for >=95% certainty in the prediction. This value is set by default and can be configured according to customer requirements depending on the use-case.

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